How to photograph birds with Bird Photo Booth 2.0

There are two easy options to control and take amazing bird photos with Bird Photo Booth 2.0.

Option 1: By using our 4k Motion-Activated Wi-Fi Bird Cam that is specifically optimized for the Bird Photo Booth 2.0 weatherproof enclosure, or,

Option 2: Place your iOS/Android smartphone or GoPro inside Bird Photo Booth’s weatherproof enclosure and control it in seconds with the included Bluetooth remote. (We call this the “base option.”)

No matter which option you choose, you’ll capture amazing results .



Bird Photo Booth’s patent pending universal clamping system allows you to secure the Bird Photo Booth 2.0 Motion-Activated Wi-Fi Bird Cam or your iOS or Android smartphone inside Bird Photo Booth 2.0 and control them wirelessly in seconds.