See life through a new lens

Bird Photo Booth 2.0



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Meet Bird Photo Booth 2.0: A bird feeder like no other

Bird Photo Booth 2.0 is the world’s first bird feeder and wireless 4k motion-activated bird camera combination. It lets you remotely watch, photograph, and film birds in real time.

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Closer than ever before

See life through a new lens

Bird Photo Booth 2.0’s innovative design captures your birds with a new precision. Brilliant macro photos and 4k HD videos bring your birds to life in a powerfully vivid way.

All about fun

Bird watching, bird feeding, and bird photography all-in-one for the ultimate family fun.

Not only does Bird Photo Booth 2.0 capture remarkable footage, but it’s also easy for everyone to enjoy, whether you’re the first-time bird watcher or the professional bird photographer, you’ll be photographing birds and sharing them with your friends and family in no time.

Finally a bird feeder and bird camera combo for everyone

Everyone can benefit from nature. Discover it with a Bird Photo Booth 2.0, the first bird feeder and 4k motion-activated Wi-FI bird cam combo. It’s the easiest and most affordable all-in-one wireless solution that unites bird feeding, bird watching, and bird photography.


You become the photographer watching and photographing your favorite birds, without them flying away.


You’ll capture brilliant 4k HD video and 16 mp close-up photos that rival professional gear costing thousands.


Set it up in your backyard in seconds and watch birds pose for you in Bird Photo Booth 2.0.


Bird and nature lovers of all ages will be hooked learning all about birds.