Frequently Asked Questions and Bird feeding tips.

What kind of photo quality will I get?

Remotely photographing birds just inches away using Bird Photo Booth birdcam feeder,  delivers professional quality photos and videos of birds in unprecedented detail. You really have to see it, to believe it.

How set up Bird Photo Booth birdcam feeder.

Position Bird Photo Booth birdcam feeder in an attractive, safe location, easily viewable from a window and preferably near a small tree or other type of shelter.

Make sure the location is easily accessible and has adequate lighting for properly exposed bird photos.
Position Bird Photo Booth birdcam feeder toward a simple background such as a bush or a group of trees large enough to fill the frame.

Warning do not set Bird Photo Booth birdcam feeder in open field where Hawks can easily target the smaller birds feeding at Bird Photo Booth.

How long does it take for birds to find Bird Photo Booth feeder?

In some backyards, it may take birds only a few minutes to find Bird Photo Booth bird feeder, while in others it may take days or weeks, before birds find and are comfortable with it.

How do I get birds to find Bird Photo Booth?

To start make sure to sprinkle a generous amount of bird seed surrounding Bird Photo Booth.

This will help birds to discover Bird Photo Booth's feeder location much faster.

Note: (After bird’s find Bird Photo Booth sprinkling food on the ground is not necessary.)

To attract more birds setup the feeder near a tree or shelter.

To attract birds faster use nuts and sunflower seeds and avoid cheap mixed seed.

What is the best bird food to use?

To start fill Bird photo Booth bird feeder with a popular bird seed such as (Black oil sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts and nyger seed) these seeds will attract birds more quickly than mixed seeds.

If you really want to get birds attention use nuts! Like almonds or even cashews.

How do I attract different birds?

The species you attract is determined primarily by the type of seed you offer.

Hang different bird feeders onto Bird Photo Booth’s overhead rod (make sure the feeders are not too big and heavy.)

Provide different kinds of bird seed. Different birds like different types of seed. (Avoid using cheap mixed bird seed if possible)

Place a bowl of water near by this will attract more birds to the location.

What if I have other bird feeders already setup?

Place Bird Photo Booth in the same general area as old feeders if possible.

To start you may need to temporarily remove other bird feeders to direct birds to the Bird

photo Booth bird feeder, or you can hang other bird feeders onto Bird photo Booth’s overhead perch rod. (the choice is up to you.)

Bird Food Capacity

Bird Photo Booth sliding platform feeder is designed for capturing candid portraits of individual birds only.

To get group shots, or to attract different species simply hang tube style bird feeders or sock bird feeders onto overhead perch platform.

How to attract hummingbirds to Bird Photo Booth?

To attract hummingbirds simply hang a small hummingbird feeder onto the overhead stainless steel feeder pole.

It is very important to position the hummingbird feeder 4- 5" away from the lens to get dramatic close-ups of happy Hummingbirds in action!

How to make Hummingbird nectar.

Making hummingbird nectar is simple.

Just add 1 part sugar to 4 parts water. Then bring to a boil and  let cool.

No red dye is necessary, just make sure the hummingbird feeder you use has a little red color to attract the hummingbirds.


Does Bird Photo Booth bird feeder support charging?

Yes! Simply insert the charging cord into the slot located on the bottom of Bird Photo Booth's wood enclosure.

What devices do I need to get started taking bird photos?

 All you need is an iPhone 3g/4/5 /, iPod touch 4th or 5th gen, or any GoPro camera! Android device support coming soon..

What is the working range for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth remote capture?

If using an iOS device the range is app. 30ft, so it is a good idea to position Bird Photo Booth birdcam feeder from a close viewable location.

For GoPro with Wi-Fi the working range is 100ft.


Can Bird Photo Booth take bird pictures with motion detection?

Yes with an iPhone or iPod touch simply launch the Mcamera application and all photos will be captured by Motion Detection.  There is no need for another device or remote, all you need is an iPhone.

How far do I position the bird food bowl?

To get started we recommend sliding  the bird food bowl closest proximity to the camera.

If larger birds are feeding in your backyard, simply adjust the bird food bowl proximity according to bird size.

Is Bird Photo Booth feeder weather-proof?

Yes, Bird Photo Booth is weather proof. Just make sure the sliding door is closed when in operation.

How is Bird Photo Booth bird feeder different from other bird cams?

Bird Photo Booth's innovative design combines a camera housing and a bird feeder in one device.This combination invites birds for photo sessions just inches away from the camera, and gives you a unique dramatic face on perspective of birds that you can't easily achieve with any other device.

Current motion-activated bird cams integrate disappointingly cheap low-res cameras, that you cant see or control remotely in real time. (There is no interaction between you and the birds)With Bird Photo Booth you become the photographer remotely watching, photographing, and even talking to birds posing in real time on your mobile devices. It become a real life interactive video game!

Bird Photo Booth's adjustable height and distance bird food dish lets you control and adjust where birds will land and how to compose them in frame. You can choose to capture the entire bird or just the face up close.

Using your iPhone or GoPro camera in combination with the provided macro lens, gives you image quality that is vastly superior to any other existing bird cam on the market.

Using a smart phone gives you the ability to instantly edit and share bird photos with others online. Other bird cams and cameras require many more steps to edit and share images.

Use and experiment with all the apps available on iOS and android which can do everything from motion activated shutters, sound activated shutter, time lapse, etc....

Bird cams and technology in general become quickly obsolete, Bird Photo Booth bird feeder uses interchangeable foam inserts to embrace future technologies and devices.